Help me collect signatures from residents of the 

2nd Senate District! ​

In order for the signatures to count:

  • Everyone who signs needs to be a resident of the 2nd Senate District. I’ve listed municipalities in the district on the back of the nomination form if you have any questions.
  • Everyone who signs needs to be a qualified elector (at least 18 years old)
  • Make sure everyone fills it out completely! We need their name, address, municipality of residence, date, and signature. P.O. boxes are not valid.
  • You have to be physically present when people sign the form. You can’t leave it on a counter or a public bulletin board.

Check to make sure it has been filled out completely, then complete the bottom portion of the form with your name, address, signature, and date. Even one, two or three signatures on the page will help. ​

Mail completed forms back to my campaign at Cowles for Senate 300 W. St. Joseph St. #23 Green Bay, WI 54301

Most importantly, in order for me to submit these on time, I need you to return them by mail by May 25th at the absolute latest.

Rob’s Plan For Senate District 2

Attacking Waste, Fraud and Abuse in Government

  • Rob has helped Wisconsin Taxpayers save tens of millions of dollars through his work on the Audit Committee. From leading the effort to audit the Department of Transportation to digging into the Government Accountability Board and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Rob wants to continue the fight against wasteful spending and out of control government programs.
  • He has also been a leader on reforming entitlement programs by fighting waste and ensuring that the program is not being abused or scammed and is there for the those who need it most. 

Creating an atmosphere for Jobs and Employment

  • Rob was the co-author of legislation to create the Wisconsin Fast Forward Program, which has helped thousands of Wisconsinites to find new jobs and employers to find workers to fill openings. Rob wants to continue to push innovative programs to create jobs, provide greater worker training and help people find family-supporting careers.
  • Rob has voted for dozens of job creating efforts to promote a strong economy and growth in Northeast Wisconsin. He has been praised throughout his time in the legislature for fighting against burdensome regulations on businesses and creating a business environment in the state that promotes job creation.

Balanced Budgets

  • A fierce budget hawk, Rob has opposed budgets from both parties that failed to bring government spending in line with the taxpayers’ ability to pay. He understands the importance of balancing the state’s finances without raising taxes on Wisconsin families. 

Protecting Wisconsin’s Natural Resources

  • As Chairman of the Senate Natural Resources committee, Rob is on the frontline of issues relating to our water, hunting and fishing, and creating a healthy balance between the needs of businesses and protecting our environment.
  • Senator Cowles lead the fight against burdensome regulations from the EPA that saved Wisconsin businesses tens of millions of dollars by creating an innovative solution to avoid these heavy-handed regulations and remove more phosphorus runoff from our waters. 

Keeping Kids First and Helping Wisconsin’s Disabled Population

  • Just this past session, Rob partnered with Attorney General Brad Schimel on the Justice for Children Package to fight against the crimes of child abuse, neglect and sexual assault.
  • Just recently, He authored and passed legislation to fight back against those who abuse or neglect children with disabilities and help provide safeguards to help those children in such dreadful situations. 

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